The Purest Co Story

Bringing the best natural superfoods to you.

A Simple Idea - To share the goodness of Traditional Chinese Superfoods

The Purest Co started with the simple idea that it shouldn't be expensive nor difficult to get high quality, well-cooked traditional superfoods - just like the ones Grandma used to make.

Looking at the ready-to-drink bird's nest products available in the market, we found only over-the-counter brands that were vague in their contents, nutritional value, sources and processes. The Purest Nest team felt that the delight and benefits of eating bird's nests, a traditional Chinese superfood was missing. We are striving to change this narrative.

From The Beginning

Our approach is simple; quality, transparency and honesty.

We use only premium ingredients, sourced from trusted and ethical farms, cooked and boiled with natural ingredients. 9g dry weight of bird's nest goes into every bottle that is cooked and bottled in small batches.

Research, development and taste trials

Significant resources were put into ensuring that we recreate the traditional fragrant recipes our founders enjoyed from their younger days using only 4 to 5 ingredients.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Because what we put into our body is important, we commit to only nourishing your insides with the freshest and highest quality produce that are harvested sustainably from reputable suppliers.

traditional recipes passed down for generations
no chemicals and colorants

HACCP standard

cooked in Singapore

9g pure bird's nest in each bottle
100% natural premium ingredients

Signature Recipes

We have evolved to offer 4 delicious flavours. Wolfberries & Pandan, American Ginseng & Honey Rock Sugar, Rose buds imported from Europe and Classic Rock Sugar.